Positive Health Coaching.

Who am I now?

I am Mary Attridge-Jones.

I am a Certified Coach and Mentor in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching and Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching.

I am a member of The European and Mentoring Coaching Committee. (EMCC). 

Where was I?

I have recently pivoted from Nursing, as my profession, to Positive Health Coaching.

My transition began while I delivered Specialist Palliative Care in the Community. It was an enriching and privileged space to have shared my skills.

What do I offer to my clients now?

As a Certified Positive Health Coach, I support and engage with you creating a space where you can move forward taking action, towards your chosen life goals.

I use coaching tools that fit well with you in your context. The evolving school of Positive Health Science informs my practice. 

The evidence from Positive Psychology, Lifestyle Medicine, Positive Organisational Scholarship and Behavioural Change Science, are all supported by Neuroscience.

I draw on the learning of the lived experience of champions and heroes. As a reflective practitioner, I identify the resilience tools that are supportive through transitions.

I offer Outdoor Coaching. Ignited by Nature I guide you to be more creative and have clarity of ideas.

I support a climate-focused approach that brings us back into a relationship with Nature and with ourselves. 

This I have framed as HOPE: Healthy Outdoors, People and Environment.

I am committed to facilitating spaces that help you to thrive.


"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away".

Breathless Moments
- Maya Angelou

My Vision

People will be engaged with Nature daily as a Positive Health Practice. 

Bringing HOPE alive: Healthy Outdoors, People and Environment.

My Mission

To support a space where the individual/team discovers and designs a whole-person approach to being healthy in daily life.

This involves adopting healthy for-you habits and a focus on quality of life.

GrowingANew, coaching through transition, supports you to move forward to live a better life and to engage daily with Nature.

Hope brings us all forward. 

  • EMCC – European and Mentoring Coaching Committee Member
  • EIA European Individual Accreditation Practitioner
  • RCSI: Professional Diploma in Positive Health (2021)
  • Kingstown College: Advanced Diploma in Personal Leadership and Executive Coaching & Post Graduate: Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching
  • Claudia Geratz Coaching: Find your Climate Career
  • LEO, Cork North and West: Start Your Own Business Programme
  • Future Learn: Exercise Prescription for the prevention and treatment of Disease
  • The Irish Bible Institute:  Foundation in Pastoral Care
  • Fully Insured

European Mentoring & Coaching Committee (EMCC) –
Walk in The Park 2023

Free Discovery Call

Book a free, no-obligation, 15-minute discovery call with me to see if Positive Health Coaching is for you.

Why The Tree?

You might ask.

In the picture, you see a tree by a fence and it has parts that are older and parts that are new. 

The tree is planted and rooted. It is a living source of energy and growth. The tree grows upwards towards the sky which is blue and bright. It prompts me to ask.

What roots the tree? What roots me?

We see the tree with its stubs.

The pruning is seasonal when the wood that will drain the tree’s energy is cut back. This promotes new growth in the Spring with fresh tall shoots. 

This prompts me to ask.

What areas of dead wood might need pruning?  What is not growing in my life?

The fence marks a limit or a boundary next to the tree.

We can see the other side. We can look through the fence, without going there. The choice is ours. In life, we have beliefs and boundaries that can protect but also can limit us. This prompts me to ask? 

What purpose does the fence have?  Where are the fences in my life? What purpose does the fence serve me at this time?

The pruned tree is symbolic of the co-active coaching that occurs in GrowingANew, coaching through transitions. The pruned tree is a metaphor.

I am here with you to design actionable steps to enable you to be the best version of yourself. To live a positive health experience no matter what your life looks like at present.

The choice to move forward is yours. Lean in and ask, the space is ready, and you are able.

– Mary Attridge-Jones


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Positive Health Coaching can support and enable you in actions that serve you well, in living your life, through a positive lens. 

Positive Psychology uses a strengths-based approach.  Everyone has the potential to succeed, and I work with clients to identify their character strengths and develop a plan for their Positive Health Goals and embrace being your best self.

Research provides evidence that living in line with your values, using your strengths daily and acting on what is most important to you at this time, is the source of a happy life. 

That is choosing to live with Quality Of Life.

I invite you to identify your own strengths through this
Free Strengths Test Here

What is Coaching? Coaching is a professional, safe space for you to explore with support, options , to move forward enabled in living your life. The British Psychological society formally recognises Coaching as facilitating a scientifically informed profession.

The service is contracted and agreed between the Coach and Coachee, (being coached).

What is  Mentoring?
Mentoring supplements coaching. It is when I share tailored knowledge and expertise with you that is a good fit in your context. Mentoring provides  you with the science and the lived experiences, through, data, stories and metaphors. 


What is Positive Health Coaching, through transitions?

A facilitated, evidenced based relational approach with a positive lens.  Positive Health Coaching creates  a whole person design that opens doors  for you to grow and to thrive in your life. It draws on the evidence from Positive Health Science, founded in the  Royal College of Surgeons In Ireland, (RCSI),  Dublin. It combines Positive Psychology, Lifestyle Medicine and Behavioural Change.

I meet you where you are :

Where?  In-Person/ Online/ Outdoors.

As:  An Individual, a Team or as a Group. 

What is the style or approach delivered?

 1. I deliver coaching with a Positive Health Science approach. 

 2. I deliver a Climate Focused Coaching, with a Think Global, Act Local approach. 

In both areas, designing for behavioural change and habits that serve you in your circle of life. 

With a goal or without a goal, that is the question. 

The minimum period is 6 sessions over 6  weeks. Coaching for you requires commitment, preparation, planning and responses, but most of all willingness to move forward. 

It can be difficult to set a time from the outset. There is so much unknown that will be uncovered and obstacles even to chosen goals may appear. 

Each individual’s need / Team our Group needs, require a personalised Positive Health Coaching approach and an evolving coaching plan. 

The fee is value-based. It is specific to the needs of the person/persons being coached. 

The value placed is relative to the identified and agreed needs of the coaching. Positive Health Coaching places Value on Quality of Life and is placed in the context of where you, your team/ group are starting. Coaching meets you where you are at. 

The fees are costed, agreed upon and are requested to be prepaid.

My coaching process is personalised to each client.

 However, there are some general steps that we follow:

    1. Chemistry Call: a free call of a minimum of 15 minutes, to see if / how we can work together. 
    2. Contracted Agreement: is outlined and weekly sessions are planned. The contract is emailed, signed and returned before the first coaching session. 
    3.  First session: Getting to know you and your specific context and hopes. I call this setting the Agenda. Stories may be shared. 
    4.  Following Sessions: Building Self Awareness, discovering your 24 Character Strengths.
    5. Goal setting: Once we know your goals, I  work with you SMART to set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals.
    6. Planning: in the direction of your chosen goal We will co-create a plan to help you achieve your goals. This plan will include specific steps that you agree to act on. This is called Experimenting. 
    7. The Learning that comes from weekly feedback is explored. I  will provide you with personalised options to move you in the direction of your chosen goals. This coaching relationship will include support, guidance, (sometimes, agreed mentoring) and accountability. I call this the Process.
    8. Reflection:  l encourage you to reflect on your progress and make adjustments to your plan as needed. This can be uncomfortable at times and I ask questions respecting your willingness to dig deeper. Tools and models of coaching are applied explaining the rationale for using each. A notebook is encouraged and is part of the ongoing learning process. 
  • The Newly Growing Path: This evolves over sessions and may not become clear until exploring and experimenting is complete.
  1. Building Confidence. I call Practice. Tools and approaches are offered to support you to be enabled with your personalised new ways of doing. Coaching supports an efficient approach to Behaviour Change. 
  2. Celebration: This is your opportunity to recognise what you have grown. I call this GrowingANew. This is perhaps where we say farewell. Celebration is welcomed throughout our coaching sessions. 

 Behaviour Change that is meaningful and long-lasting evolves through steps and practice. During the stages of the coaching, a mid-assessment of the value of the learning is made. Feedback is requested within each session.

 As clarity develops, a goal can be identified. A goal may even change. Steps to where you want to go may need to be refined after experimenting. 

I propose that if you are new to coaching, you will gain valuable insight, through a  6 week commitment.  

When working with teams or groups over a longer period, through transitions, I advise having specified check-in points to review learning and application, as a review to plan forward efficiently and effectively.

GrowingANew Coaching through Transition, supports all 17 SDGs, as they are interconnected.

My Sustainable Development Goals are
No.3 –
Good Health and Wellbeing
No. 11 –
Sustainable Cities and Communities
No. 13 –
Climate Action
No. 17 –
Partnerships for The Goals

“Leaving no one behind”

Discover your Sustainable Development Goals, You can find out more here!

SDGs The 17 UN United Nations. Sustainable Development Goals: You can find out more here! 

A warm, professional service, to meet your coaching needs. 

EMCC refers to The  European and Mentoring Coaching Committee.

EIA  is The European Individual Accreditation at the Practitioner level. 

Members complete Continuous Professional Development hours, practice Reflective Practice, review  Professional Coaching Competencies, keep records and are committed to adhering to The Internationally Agreed  Global Code of Ethics that is part of the Regulation and the Governance by EMCC.

The professional membership is annually renewed. 

As a professional coach, I attend supervision, to explore practice issues. This occurs individually and as part of a group, at least twice a year. It is how my practice is monitored and protects the profession and the client.  

Client’s data is protected under GDPR and confidentiality is assured, as per The Code of Ethics. 

Positive Health Coaching

You Grow & I Support. 

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