Positive Health Coaching:
Living Your Best Life

Get the support you need to live a healthier life, from your accredited
Positive Health Coach, Mary

Positive Health Coaching

Climate Focused Approach

Through Transitions

GrowingANew is a Positive Health Coaching company that supports you in designing your goals, overcoming challenges, and living a more meaningful life, starting from where you are right now. 

Discover if GrowingANew, Positive Health Coaching through Transition, is for you.

Positive Health Coaching: Positive Health Science with a Climate-Focused Approach.

With Positive Health Coaching from GrowingANew, you can plan actions towards your goals, discover your WHY, overcome challenges, and live a more fulfilling life.

Knowing your Why supports you in designing actions that are meaningful.

Mary Attridge-Jones is my name, and Positive Health Coaching is my passion. I am an expert in supporting people to uncover their potential.

I use a positive, strengths-based approach that supports you in identifying your goals, developing your strengths, and overcoming your challenges.

You Grow & I Support

GrowingANew Through Transitions

I have framed
'Greening The Way Forward For Climate Change Through Connection'

HOPE: Healthy Outdoors, People and Environment.

“It is about growing your Greenheart! “
– Mary Attridge-Jones 2023

Positive Health Coaching Though Transitions

Individual Coaching

  • Positive Health Coaching with a Climate Focus
  • In-Person
  • Online

Team Coaching

  • Positive Health Coaching with a Climate Focus
  • In-Person
  • Outdoors

Group Events

  • Climate Conversations (Max 8 in person)
  • Climate Focused Workshop
    (Max 12 in person)
  • Walk The Talk - Outdoors
    (4 in person)

Focusing on your Positive Health

Positive Health Coaching

Positive Health Coaching creates a whole-person design that opens doors for you to grow and to thrive in your life.

A facilitated, evidenced-based relational approach with a positive lens. It draws on the evidence from Positive Health Science, founded in the Royal College of Surgeons In Ireland, (RCSI), Dublin.

It combines Positive Psychology, Lifestyle Medicine and Behavioural Change.

Let’s make what you bring to coaching, better. 

Explore together, and Design for your Whole Person.

Discover your strengths, Grow your Resilience, Improve your Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Reconnect with your values. Design for your engagement at work.

You Grow & I Support.

Positive Health Coaching

Climate Focused Coaching

Reconnect with Nature in a meaningful way

Green your way forward. 

Design to Think Globally and Act Locally.

Discover how to be a Champion for your chosen Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate Cafe: A facilitated space to express individual climate emotions. This is a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space to share individually where you are not alone.  Monthly, in person, Groups in Fingal and in West Cork. 

Climate-Focused Workshops with Greenheart are available to groups, interactive and together we share our concerns and build a Climate-Focused action.


My Sustainable Development Goals are
No.3 –
Good Health and Wellbeing
No. 11 –
Sustainable Cities and Communities
No. 13 –
Climate Action
No. 17 –
Partnerships for The Goals

“Leaving no one behind”

Discover your Sustainable Development Goals, You can find out more here!

Growing Resilience, Through Hope, Brings Quality of Life

“Hope is the gift that we give each other.”

You Grow & I Support

  • Personal Development 
  • Work-life Balance
  • Life Coaching
  • Behaviour Change Management
  • Important Meetings
    • Workplace Meetings
    • Family Meetings


Healthy Outdoors, People & Environment. 

  • Climate Cafe
  • Climate Focused Workshops
  • Greening the way forward, “Walk The Talk”

Connecting to Coaching

1. Free 15 Minute Discovery Call

See if Positive Health Coaching is for you.

2. Confirm

  • Book Sessions
  • Payment Online

3. First Session

  • Set Agenda
  • Identify Goals
  • Plan an Action

Coaching Features

In-Person Coaching

In-Person Coaching, in an agreed, safe, respectful and confidential space.

In-person coaching is tailored to where you are at just now. Creating a  personalised design with action towards your chosen goal,  in a comfortable and supportive environment with a thinking partner.

Building your skills and experimenting with options, to uncover how you can be your best self, to find what is meaningful and to increase your wellbeing. We can use tools for Wellbeing and measure it. 

  • Know what you want and/don’t want.
  • Know your strengths and how you can move forward with them.
  • Discover your values and how to recognise when you are using them and the impact on your positive health.
  • Know the impact of your values on your positive health and during engagement at work.. 
  • Resilience building for the future. 
  • What do you have in your tool box, Positive Health Practices that you can use to improve your experience at the moment?
  •  Which tools work for you as an individual and a safe space to practise these?


I invite you to identify your own strengths through this
Free Strengths Test Here

Online Coaching Ireland

Online Coaching

Online Coaching, giving you access from anywhere in the world.

An opportunity to explore and experiment and to reflect on what went well and how things could be better for you.

Recognising the learning and how you can bring this forward to enable you. Online Coaching, it is an opportunity to explore the role of Emotional Intelligence, as part of your learning, a key role for managers and leaders.

Online Coaching puts an emphasis on clarity and efficiency, as nonverbal communication is greatly reduced.

Structured sessions with a format. Invitation to stretch and practice breathing to support focus and apply Emotional Intelligence online:  reducing the negative impact of zooming. Invitation to apply tools to promote self-comfort.

Outdoor Coaching

Get inspired and motivated in nature while working with your coach.

Outdoor Coaching is Healing in a creative space.

Discover the benefits for your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health. 

Opportunity to engage all your senses and to walk and create in Natural Surroundings. 

Engaging with the outdoors is an evolving area of research that points to health-protective behaviours for Positive Health and wellbeing.

  • Engagement with Nature, by being in Nature. 
  • Outdoors. Walking. 
  • Decision making, broader perspective. Clearer ideas. 
  • Creativity. 
  • Resonance. Calming impact, emotionally. 
  • Getting your Nature Dose. 
  •  Forest bathing: blood pressure reduction and pulse rate reduction.
  • Setting your sleep-wake cycle. Being outdoors in the first hour of waking and as the light changes at night.
Outdoor Positive Health Coaching Ireland


Discover what you want and/or don’t want. There is power in knowing.


Know your strengths and how you can move forward with them.


Discover your values and how to recognise when you are using them and the impact on your positive health.

“Hope is the gift we give each other”. (Mary, 2023)

Looking for a Positive Health Coach to support you for your better future?

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